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Foam Arena Footing
to Insure Everyday Soundness


Transform your arena in hours.

Reduce dust and ride in comfort for as little as $1,995



Compare Arena Footing Additives


As riders ourselves, with facilities in the desert (temperatures to 120°) and in cold elevations (temperature to -20°) we have tried many additives and nothing compares to  FoamFooting™ in your outdoor or indoor arenas. 


Textile Fibers

Fabric type fibers that binds fine sands to stabilize sand and retain water. *Beware of new companies using recycled carpet and calling it fibers


Moisture Requirement- HIGH

Rebound- LOW

Cushion- MEDIUM

Maintenance- HIGH

Sand Requirements- FINE

Moisture Retention- HIGH

Grooming Equipment- SPECIFIC

Installation- DIFFICULT

Reduces Dust- VERY WELL

Longevity- MEDIUM


Shipping Cost - MEDIUM/HIGH

Foam Footing™

Sonic welded and shredded foams that maintain grip and absorbs moisture (like those used for workouts & yoga mats)

Moisture Requirement- LOW

Rebound- HIGH

Cushion- MEDIUM

Maintenance- LOW

Sand Requirements- ACCEPTS ALL

Moisture Retention- MEDIUM

Grooming Equipment- ANY

Installation- EASY

Reduces Dust- WELL

Longevity- HIGH


Shipping Cost - Flat Rate

Rubber Mulch

Hard ground up tires or other rubbers that support rebound 


Moisture Requirement- LOW

Rebound- HIGH

Cushion- LOW

Maintenance- HIGH

Sand Requirements- ACCEPTS ALL

Moisture Retention- NONE

Grooming Equipment- ANY

Installation- MEDIUM

Reduces Dust- NONE

Longevity- LOW


Shipping Cost - MEDIUM/HIGH

Unmatched Features and Pricing


Our all-weather footing additive conserves water, lessens dust and cushions your arena footing to help reduce injuries.


Easy  Delivery


Our flat rate shipping delivers our FoamFooting™ from our USA warehouse. Simple, safe and to your door. 


Simple Self Installation


Easy to store and carry 35 pound bags that can be spaced out across the arena, opened and spread out.


Easy Grooming


Just drag (with ANY drag) to mix in with your sand or stone dust footing. Groom less than fiber. It really is that easy!